Pictures of Health and Unhealthy Blood Cells

Majid Ali, M.D.

Healthy blood cells make healthy bodies. Unhealthy blood cells set the stage for illness. Just as acid in a drop of lemon juice sours milk, excess acid in the blood sours blood. Can sour blood make itself healthy again? Yes, it can. Blood has many substances which can “unsour” it.

Where does excess acid in the blood come from? It comes from too much candy and cake. It also comes from allergy reactions and common infections.

The two pictures of blood taken from arms of two men given below show how healthy cells look (upper picture) and unhealthy cells (lower picture). Healthy red blood cells are round with regular and smooth outlines (dark bodies shown in Figure 1 below. Two pale cells larger in size are white blood cells (in the right side of Figure 1). A smaller and darker body just below the upper white blood cell is a platelet, the third type of blood corpuscle. The fluid part of the blood called plasma is clean and free of microclots.

Healthy Blood Cells (Upper Picture)

Damaged Blood Cells (LOwer Picture)


The above two photos are taken from an article which my colleague, Omar Ali, M.D. and I published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine in 1997). Below are captions for the photographs as they appeared in the original article.

Figure 1 (top): All erythrocytes and two lymphocytes shown in the photomicrograph keep their distance from each other (due to negative electrostatic surface charges) and show regular outlines. Note that none of the well-preserved erythrocytes are discoid in shape. Figure 2 (bottom) shows early changes of AA oxidopathy with many damaged erythrocytes.

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