Overweight Newborns Are Insulin-Toxic

Majid Ali, M.D.


newbornI introduced the term insulin toxicity to focus on the crucial subject of a common problem that is nearly always neglected worldwide.

Is your unborn baby insulin-yoxic? This is a hard question to raise but it must be asked for the optimal growth of the baby, first within the mother’s womb and then in later years. So, how does an expecting parent know if her unborn baby is insulin-toxic? The simple answer: if the expecting mom is insulin-toxic, so is her unborn baby, albeit to varying degrees. How does an expecting mom know if she is insulin-toxic? By simply doing the insulin test.

A Travesty

Here is the travesty. Most women do get a three-hour glucose test during the pregnancy to determine if gestational diabetes has developed. Insulin tests can be done on the blood samples drawn for glucose testing. There is no need to make separate appointments for doctors or labs, nor for referral to endocrinologists. Blood glucose (sugar) tests do not reveal meaningful information about the insulin status.

Expecting mothers are usually told that they have gestational diabetes which would go away after the baby is born. This is a grievous error. The correct name for gestational diabetes is insulin toxicity and this toxicity does not clear after the birth of the baby.

Every time I see a young mother with diabetes I ask whether she had gestational diabetes during any of her pregnancy. Nearly in all cases I learn that this indeed was the case and it was all forgotten and neglected for years before diabetes was finally diagnosed. The fact that gestational diabetes did not develop during subsequent pregnancy does not alter the fact that underlying insulin toxicity persists to varying degrees in nearly all such cases.

So, why do doctors not order the insulin tests when they order glucose tolerance test for expecting mothers? The simple answer: their professors do not tell them to do so. Why don’t professors order the insulin tests when they order glucose tolerance test for expecting mothers? The simple answer: their medical associations do not tell them to do so. Why don’t medical associations recommend the insulin tests when glucose tolerance test are done for expecting mothers? The answer: there is no profit in insulin testing for anyone. There are no drugs to treat insulin toxicity. Profits are in diseases, not in health.

See Healthy Pregnancy

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