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Majid Ali, M.D. From Smart-Phones-As-Pets to People-As-Pets Children today see their smart phones as their pets. They text as they might pet their pets. Will the smart phones take over? I have no doubt they will – and do so … Continue reading

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Less Mental Illness In Children. Is That Really True?

Majid Ali, M.D. An Article of Toxic Womb Ecology Series There are claims that the rates of mental health disorders among American children are falling. Such claims are made by people who have no interest in studying or recognizing the … Continue reading

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Excess Womb Sugar Sets the Stage for Sugar Addiction of the Unborn

Updated March 7, 2015 Majid Ali, M.D. One More Face of the Toxic Womb State   A mother’s age at childbirth may affect her male baby’s birth weight as well as his adult glucose metabolism, new research shows. The results … Continue reading

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Autism – One Face of Hope Without Hype

Majid Ali, M.D. Hope is essential for healing. Hope with hype, however, returns to haunt. Below is a letter I received for posting on this website. We welcome all case histories of hope, success, and disappointments about autism spectrum. As in … Continue reading

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Lets Move Those Muscles | Majid Ali MD

Let’s move those muscles! Majid Ali, M.D. Thirty five to forty percent of your body weight is made up of muscles. Some muscles are under our control. These are voluntary muscles. We use these muscles to stand up, walk, run, … Continue reading

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Limbic Breathing for Children | Majid Ali MD

Limbic Breathing “Dr. Ali, he complains of pain in the chest,” the mother of a six-year-old boy told me at the first consultation. “Does he have a cold?” I asked, looking at the handsome boy studying my face. “Yes, but … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Baby Cry With Bowel Movement?

  Majid Ali, M.D.   Here are the main reasons why babies cry when having a bowel movement: * Dehydration * Hard stools * Anal fissure * Gut fermentation * Food allergy * Congenital defects are very likely the cause … Continue reading

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Every Child is Born a Scientist | Majid Ali MD

Every Child Is Born a Scientist Majid Ali, M.D. Who is a scientist? Anyone who allows Nature to be the teacher. Anyone who observes things without prejudice. Anyone who sees things as they are, without calling them good or bad. … Continue reading

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